Naturalibrium is a ‘wellness’ clinic; offering a range of services to help you achieve a greater sense of wellbeing and vitality. It is set within private grounds; providing a calm professional environment from which to enjoy a number of treatments and services.

The use of Herbal Medicine encourages optimum health, helping many conditions both physically and emotionally. Our approach is holistic; meaning that the ‘whole’ person is considered when developing treatment plans and relevant medications; taking into account all of your needs. Holistic Therapies also offer an ‘holistic’ approach to wellbeing; helping to reduce stress levels physical and emotional tension, encouraging vitality and balance from within. Our Beauty Therapy services also come with a natural and holistic approach; proving a relaxing and personalised treatment to meet your needs, using natural skincare to enhance your natural beauty.

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Herbal Medicine

"Many people come to appreciate the power of correctly prescribed, natrual herbal medicines dispensed by a highly trained medical professional. Patients are often amazed at the opportunity and time given to discussing their physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing in depth, and the sense of freedom and empowerment it gives to them."

National Institute of Medical Herbalists

As a qualified Medical Herbalist, I am fully trained in western othodox medical diagnosis, pathophysiology, anatomy and physiology; enabling a thorough consultation of your needs, providing time to discuss all areas of concern; carry out relevant medical examinations and subsequently provide you with plant based medicines relevant to your specific needs.

If you would like to find out more about Naturalibrium and Herbal Medicine and how it can help you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!