About Candice

Candice Lucas

A Brief History

In 1995, Candice qualified in Beauty and Holistic Therapies from The Park School of Beauty Therapy; Retford, Nottinghamshire, working in several salons before opening her own business. Alongside this, she entered the world of teaching within further education where her hours and commitment gradually increased. Candice undertook studies within teaching and is a qualified Assessor, Internal Verifier and Teacher; holding all relevant qualifications. Candice has taught at Lincoln, Newark and Gainsborough College for 16 years and is still teaching today, although a lot less hours.
In 2010; Candice was faced with the diagnoses of breast cancer; which made her question her current work-life balance and lifestyle. It was at this time her growing interest and passion for Holistic Health and Complementary Medicine grew.
Over the last 5 years; the importance of health has been a growing passion and the use of Holistic Medicine can have such a huge impact on achieving this. Lifestyle factors and Stress can greatly influence our health and lives. Candice hopes to encourage and educate the importance of balance; helping the body and mind to achieve equilibrium. Chronic illness, Inflammation and Fatigue appear to be the root of many conditions felt by so many of us today. By taking charge of one’s health and having a greater knowledge of how to do this has drawn Candice closer to Holistic Healing and Herbal Medicine; combining a holistic approach with valid scientific rationale.
 Uprooting the cause of illness is paramount when hoping to achieve long lasting health improvements. Candice is keen on the integration of orthodox and complementary medicine; committed to act in the best interests of all her patients and clients; identifying any 'red flags' and will refer patients back to their GP or specialist if necessary.  Trained to understand modern drugs and herb-drug interactions; thus only prescribing herbs that will not interfere with any medications a patient may already be taking.  Likewise this is accounted for in all hands-on therapies offered at Naturalibrium.
Overall, Candice hopes to offer all her clients and patients a highly skilled and professional service.


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